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Rescue Writing is committed to partnering with businesses and organizations who understand the importance of developing solid communication composition skills while instilling compassion in the hearts of children.

Schools have thousands of great teachers, but not always access to creative teaching tools. Rescue Writing is an innovative public/private partnership that offers a solid, viable teaching tool allowing any teacher to adapt it to their students’ needs.

Businesses, foundations, and community organizations can support the Rescue Writing educational program by sponsoring a classroom, book, page or the entire program.




There are many ways to get involved with Rescue Writing

General Donations: All donations are 100% tax deductible and will be used to advance the art of storytelling for children.

Headline/Program Sponsors

Each Rescue Writing module has a theme designed to draw out the imagination of the child writer. The first one is PETS, and Rescue Writing seeks major pet-related companies to underwrite major components of the program so we can continue to keep costs down and make the programs available to as many schools as possible. Headline sponsored programs are designed with the company to maximize benefits to the Sponsors, teachers and the child writers.

Contest Sponsors

Contests are designed to ignite the imagination of children and are custom designed with the Sponsor to ensure maximum positive benefit to the Sponsors, teachers and child writers.

For those interested in developing a contest with Rescue Writing, contact Sherry Sacino, and begin the process.

Classroom Sponsors

For only $99, a sponsor can underwrite a classroom of their choosing. The classroom sponsor will have their name or logo on the back of each book.

Book Sponsors

For only $35, anyone can pay for a book for a deserving child. The child will receive a note stating the book was a gift from the Book Sponsor.

Page Sponsors

Sponsors with specific products will want to have their product displayed on a pet-specific page, such as kitty litter on a cat story page, or rawhide on a dog story page. A page sponsor can sponsor as many different pages as they want, and have each page presented as a downloadable story template or as a static logo within the pages of the storybook.

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