Square Furry

  • Bunny Fun – Square

    Bunny Fun – Square

    Bunnies love to eat veggies! They get lots of energy from them and then get to bounce all over the…

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  • Grey Cat, Pink Fish – Square

    Grey Cat, Pink Fish – Square

    Shhh… here’s a secret! Some cat’s think they’re people! Not only people, but princesses! They roam around their house thinking…

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  • Square Kitties – Square

    Square Kitties – Square

    Some people have two or three cats! Some have five or six or seven! The more the merrier! Kitties just…

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  • Bookshelf Kitties – Square

    Bookshelf Kitties – Square

    While cats not be able to read, you can read to them! They love to curl up with you and…

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  • Bulldog Backyard – Square

    Bulldog Backyard – Square

    Some dogs go on adventures in their back yard. They get to play in the dirt, the grass, and sometimes…

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  • Street Dog – Square

    Street Dog – Square

    Most dogs love going for walks down the road. The smile at people, other dogs, and at the cars. If…

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  • Weiner Dog – Square

    Weiner Dog – Square

    Some dogs go head-over-heals for their treats. There’s so many flavors that they can’t choose from! As long as they’re…

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  • Kitty Two – Square

    Kitty Two – Square

    Some kitties’ favorite time of day is breakfast! They get so excited to eat something fish flavored. Sometimes, they gobble…

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