Rescue Writing

Give Day Tampa Bay – Support Classrooms and young storytellers

Today, throughout the Tampa Bay area, we celebrate the work of local non-profits that do great things for great people.

Like Rescue Writing.

Rescue Writing teaches children how to write, and this does something very important for them – it teaches them who they are. When anyone learns how to express themselves with words, they have taken a vital step in self-discovery.

We all have feelings, emotions and something to say, but we don’t all know how to say it. Sometimes, when we are angry, we yell or hit something. It is very powerful when a child can compose their thoughts, write a few lines and then express their anger through words – which can generate action.

Sometimes words hurt, but most of the time, words heal.

Children AND adults need to know they can have the world they want – and it starts with using the right words.

Give today to Give Day Tampa Bay – Rescue Writing (click the link) and empower a child with words.  Click here:

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