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Frequently Asked Questions

The Youth Empowerment Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and designed to be a sustainable social enterprise. YEA has built a proprietary technology process with multiple unique features to create books for all children in the language they speak at home. The technology, utilized on the Global StoryMakers platform ( allows for existing books to be edited for language, culture and geography to make the books relevant to the local population. These books can be printed on-demand (one at a time), digitally, or in large print runs to reduce costs. Books are printed with local printers in more than 900 locations worldwide, which supports local economies.

The Youth Empowerment Alliance, Inc. (YEA) has developed Rescue Writing ( an online platform utilizing easy-to-use software similar to photobook creation providing pre-made templates and art elements for children to use to create their own stories. This program is popular with homeschoolers and classroom use, and children can have a published book featuring their best work when it is done. Page templates and art elements are versatile and generic, so any idea can be turned into a story. Children can use the existing art elements, create their own or upload other art into the software to make their stories unique. The child can work collaboratively with other children, or work on their own.

To date, more than 30 million books have been produced using this software, which validates it ease of use. Rescue Writing has online coaching videos from professional athletes, journalists, authors and celebrities which make learning fun and exciting.

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We are looking for partners who want to cultivate a collection of books in the specific languages needed for the local students and parents who can benefit from a digital and audio library. If you would like to sponsor a school system, school or classroom. Please contact us at:

YEA can produce printed books in any two languages needed for your unique school system, school or classroom. Please contact us at:

1. I want to bring books to all children, everywhere. What are my next steps?

We are looking for authors, illustrators, translators and subject matter experts who want to collaborate with others around the world to create high-quality FREE digital and audio books. If books are printed, these StoryMakers will receive a pre-negotiated royalty. For more information, contact:

2. I am an author, can I upload my book for free digital distribution and translation?

YES! Global StoryMakers is a versatile book creation platform. It was designed to adapt to the local needs of any country, school, library, NGO or family. Uploading books onto the GDL or any online platform is similar to stocking books on a shelf in the bookstore. Authors and publishers can upload their own books for global translation and distribution. For more information, contact:

3. How do I make a donation?

We seek and accept donations for our on-going work. To make a donation of any amount, click here: DONATE

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