How To

Here’s a Step-by-Step process on how to work with Rescue Writing to create your own story page – your first step to becoming a published author.

Step 1

Take a short tour of the website. For this site, we provide learning videos on storytelling and writing as well as sample templates. This is fun and easy.

Step 2

Decide what you want to write about – your cat, your dog, turtle or a mythical dragon. Make some notes and brainstorm some ideas and then, select the template you want. There are dog templates for dogs, cat templates for cats, several retiles, fish and imaginary pets from which to choose.

Step 3

It is usually easier to write a story from a photograph rather than try to get a picture to match your story. Look for a few really fun photos of your pet (or story topic) and imagine what the pet is doing or thinking. There are many sample stories on the website that will get your imagination brewing. The best part, is since we don’t know what our pet is thinking, we are always right. You may find several photos and have different ideas, put them all in front of you and select the best two or three that help you tell your story visually.

Step 4

Begin to write the story. Each template has a note with the recommended number of words for each story and the number of photos needed.

If you get stuck, watch one of the learning videos. Or talk with others about ideas, or do an internet search to get the ideas flowing. The story can be in your preferred method (hard copy, digital, etc.) but ultimately the final story needs to be transferred digitally to the spaces provided in a template. (There is no minimum or maximum time limit. You can save the story and return when you want.)

Step 5

Copy and paste your text into the text box. To make it fit, you can increase or decrease the font size. Drag and drop the photos into place. SAVE your work. Convert this file to a pdf file, you can print it on your home printer.

Step 6

As soon as you finish your Rescue Writing story page, you will want to get it into the book. Your parent or teacher will help you with this. Most likely, your story will be combined with other stories and the supervising adult will create a StoryBook for your class. You will need to send your pdf file, the text and photos in digital files to your teacher or supervising adult and they will assemble the StoryBook with your page inside.