Landscape – All Templates

  • Sammy the Snake – Landscape

    Sammy the Snake – Landscape

    Under a heat lamp, snakes like to rest or roam. They slither and slide around like to make silly faces…

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  • Feather Friends – Landscape

    Feather Friends – Landscape

    All birds love to fly high in the sky. Where does you bird like to fly to? Template Guidelines: You…

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  • Dragon Dream – Landscape

    Dragon Dream – Landscape

    Among rainbows and wizards, the dragons roam. Don’t worry though, they’re nice! Wherever your imagination goes, your friend can go…

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  • Turtle Time – Landscape

    Turtle Time – Landscape

    Turtles take their time to enjoy the sunny day. They go for walks (never jogs) and don’t have to go…

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  • Izzy’s World – Landscape

    Izzy’s World – Landscape

    The world of a lizard is green and hot… just how they like it! Come explore! Template Guidelines: You may…

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  • Bubble Fun – Landscape

    Bubble Fun – Landscape

    Goldfish live in an underwater world filled with fun and, of course, bubbles! Template Guidelines: You may write 80-125 words…

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  • Grey Cat, Pink Fish – Landscape

    Grey Cat, Pink Fish – Landscape

    Shhh… here’s a secret! Some cat’s think they’re people! Not only people, but princesses! They roam around their house thinking…

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  • Square Kitties – Landscape

    Square Kitties – Landscape

    Some people have two or three cats! Some have five or six or seven! The more the merrier! Kitties just…

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