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Give Day Tampa Bay – Support Classrooms and young storytellers

Today, throughout the Tampa Bay area, we celebrate the work of local non-profits that do great things for great people. Like Rescue Writing. Rescue Writing teaches children how to write, and this does something very important for them – it teaches them who they are. When anyone learns how to express themselves with words, they…
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A Kick of a Kicker

Ok, so you wrote a great lead to your story…and the reader is hooked. Now, how do you end the story with as much satisfaction? Writers focus a lot on how to begin a story – too much, says Leonard Pitts, Jr., Pulitzer-prize winning journalist for the Miami Herald. “With a strong lead, you get…
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Rescue Writing Rides into the News

Last Friday afternoon Rescue Writing took part in a fun community event to share the great work we are doing with teachers and young writers. Florida Funders partnered with the rideshare service Uber to give start-up companies  an opportunity to give a 15 minute pitch of their business to an investor, here’s the catch, in…
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