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Animals Make Great Teachers!

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Animals teach us compassion, responsibility and patience. Some of the best qualities in anyone! This is why Rescue Writing encourages students to write stories about their pets; we know animals make great teachers and children learn valuable lessons from them.

For many children animals are their first “friend.” They learn to care for them, and share their feelings. Some kids even think their pets talk to them. This is the beginning of compassionate imagination- the most important aspect for storytelling.

In addition, taking care of their pets needs before their own teaches the child to be responsible. By having the job of walking or feeding the pet they learn this keeps them happy and healthy. We all know animals run on their own schedule and won’t do anything until they are ready. This is a lesson in patience children learn as they adapt to the timely needs of their pet.

We encourage kids to write about their pet because these lessons will be expressed in their stories. Creativity will be elevated every time a child writes a story about a special animal in their lives.



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