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Guest Blogger Selena Schulz!

Every once in a while we turn our blog over to young amazing writers!  Our first guest writer is 9-year-old Selena Schulz from Florida who published her own book and created an organization to help animals in need. Selena’s story shows how valuable the words of young writers are and how their actions can create real change.

Bark! Bark! Bark!
Hi, my name is Selena Schulz and I have written a book called Cici’s Amazing Birthday. My book did not just pop out of my head, many things inspired me to write it.

Since I was small, my dad has always read me books. I have developed a love for books and have become an avid reader. Some of my favorite authors are Ellen Miles, J.K. Rowling, Roald Dahl, Beverly Clearly, and L.M. Montgomery. Reading books has strengthened my writing skills because the more books you read the better writer you’ll become, and the more books I have read the more it has inspired me to write my own book.

My biggest inspiration for writing the book came from a visit to a local animal shelter. When I went into the dog area I noticed that they did not have beds, instead I saw newspaper stacked into piles. When I asked the shelter coordinator why, he said that they were running low on supplies.

That moment inspired me to do something. I collected donations and supplies for my birthday instead of presents and started an organization to help shelter animals called, A Bed A Buck A Buddy which led me to write my book.

I thought that if I wrote a book I could inspire other kids to help shelter animals and I could sell it and raise money for those dogs without beds. All of these things came together into my decision of writing a book. For any kid who thinks that they cannot write you should believe in your self that you can and look for your inspiration all around you.

Note to parents and teachers: Selena’s blog would be a great example for you to share with your students and children what young people can write.


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