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Holiday Giving

One of the Holiday trademarks is the idea of giving. We give gifts, time and love to those we are closest to and who need it most. The best way for children to give during the Holidays is by giving their writing to their parents, family and friends.

As Peter Elbow, Professor of English Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and writing program director says, “the essential human act at the heart of writing is the act of giving. There’s something implacable and irreducible about it… it is a gift of yourself.”

Writing is an always moving growth chart that freezes the heart and mind of a child into a cherished keepsake. A child giving their writing and a little piece of themselves is a precious and priceless gift to give. As the Holidays approach, sit down with your child or students and make sure they write something special you can adore forever.


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