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Writing in Exposition Style

Exposition can be seen in music, films, television shows, plays, and written text. It is the writer's opportunity to give background information to the reader or listener about the setting, establish the theme and introduce the characters. In music, the exposition is the first part in the sonata form which introduces the themes used in the composition or…
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Write the Words to this Short Video

To practice writing and storytelling, watch this video, which has no words. Now, write the words. NOTE: Big Buck Bunny is a story about bullying, so adults should watch this before showing it to children to be sure it conveys a message you want them to see. https://youtu.be/-m3V8w_7vhk
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Creative Exercises: Getting Ready to Write

It’s shocking how loud the empty blank page can scream at you. Deafening. How do we start? One word at a time. Slowly. Just look at the blank page, and conquer it. Write one word. It doesn’t have to be on a line, or small or big. It is just a word. It is your…
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