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Rescue Writing is part of the Youth Empowerment Alliance, a global organization since 1999 committed to empowering children, by giving them a voice in their world. Rescue Writing is designed to ignite the passion for writing in kids by providing tools that allows their writing to be published in a keepsake storybook. Our website houses instructional writing tips, videos and templates designed to jump start learning.

We believe every child has a story and their stories should be shared. Rescue Writing can be used by any child- not only in classrooms; anyone can create, publish and share a storybook through our website. This month we printed our first sample classroom books and they look terrific! We debuted our social media, this is our first post. We are so excited to officially be open to anyone who wants to create their own Rescue Writing storybook!

       3-books       landscape-group

In addition to launching our storybooks a new school year has just kicked off. This means there is a lot of learning activity in schools and homes. Teachers are returning to their classrooms and families are pulling all of their resources together to align their children’s schedule in conjecture with their work. Rescue Writing wants to help these teachers, students and families as we all start the school year.

This is a pivotal moment in every child’s life. Perhaps your child is starting at a new school, has just adopted a pet or is trying out for a sport this year. These precious moments are important and stories waiting to be written. A Rescue Writing storybook is the perfect writing outlet to incorporate in a teacher’s lesson plan, a homeschooling assignment or a fun activity to do at home. We know everyone is so busy during this time of year and Rescue Writing wants to help be the start to a fantastic year!

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