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Using your own Artwork to Illustrate your StoryBook

Rescue Writing was designed for writers who want to learn the art of storytelling. There are templates to cut and paste your text and image holders to drag and drop your photos. In minutes your complete StoryBook is done.

Many people tell stories through their pictures and even more through creating their own artwork. These are very talented people and they see the world both visually and in words.

If you want to create your Rescue Writing StoryBook using the drawings your students have created with their own hands, then go for it.

Just like Mrs. Treiser did for her kindergarten class. As it turns out, her entire class was very talented, and she was teaching them at a very early age about writing stories with words and artwork.

If you want to include drawings instead of photos, it is very easy to do. You can scan them as .jpg files and upload them just as you would a photo. Then drag and drop into the image boxes. All image boxes on the templates are adjustable in size, and you can add or delete them.

You can even make your own page designs using blank pages and adding backgrounds, image boxes and text boxes. Then add fun designs on each page from the included scrapbook – like butterflies or animals and make them big or small.

Be creative – your stories are special and you can tell them any way you like.

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