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A Few Secrets to Storytelling with Images

Some people see a blank page and panic. Others see it and smile. Which are you?

Words and images work together. When a story ONLY has words on the page, the images are formed in the reader’s imagination. There is a great need for words in this case, and plenty of detail so the imagination can match the writer’s ideas.

When images are added to a story, like when creating a storybook in Rescue Writing, the drawings or photographs add the visual element so the writer and artist can both tell part of the story. With images added, fewer words are needed.

We don’t always have the perfect image – but they are easy to find. You can take a photo with your cell phone or camera, you can draw an image, or the easiest thing to do is look on the internet for free clip art and images.

It’s fun to think of something strange – like kangaroos jumping on the moon – and search the internet. Something always comes up, and you get a laugh too.


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