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Defining Moments vs. Just the Facts

Every life has its facts – birthdate, hometown, schools attended, and eye color. But, none of this is actually defines us. It’s the structure that holds the magic of us.

Throughout our lives, we have defining moments – those events that happen that set us on a course that creates our lives, explained Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jacqui Banaszynski.

“When I was 13, my father brought home a Golden Retriever puppy I named Pooh…”

“As a Girl Scout, we learned many things while earning our badges, but nothing prepared me for the night my best friend and I got lost while camping at Lake LeHani, and it started to snow…”


“Moving to a new country where I didn’t even speak the language was almost more than I could bear, until my mother got a new job in Italy…”

Each of these events set the lives of these children in a new direction, and changed how they would later see the world. Defining moments are the key to every story – while the facts are important, the defining moments carry the story on a wonderful adventure.


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