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Changing Life Stories

We all have something to say. And, we all say it differently. It’s because we see things from various points of view. We bring the sum of our life experiences to each new day; we filter what we think, do and say through what has happened to us.

There are moments in our lives that have changed our course. When we think back on those moments, we see that our lives took a turn. Maybe you moved to a new place, broke your arm, planted a garden. Think about these things and how you changed – was the change a positive one? What would your life be like if that moment didn’t happen?

Think about how big moments happened. Was it something you for which you could prepare or was it sudden? What was life like before and what was it like after? Think about how you felt and give words to your feelings. Some words are more powerful than others, so look for words that bring action – use verbs and adjectives to describe your nouns.

Write your first draft without descriptors and then add them to give movement and depth to your story. Have fun with words. Create a literal playground.

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