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Stories Unfold Every Moment (if we let them)

Stories come from everywhere. Every day many new stories unfold as our day unfolds, we just have to stop for a moment and notice.

In storytelling, when an event happens – it is called an “inciting incident.”  What happens as a result is the story.

For example, many stories begin when a new person arrives, or a familiar person goes to a new place, or does a new thing, like rescues a puppy. The same thing happens in life, we meet new people every day – and our “same selves” does new things all the time. To begin a new story, think about when you met someone or did something for the first time.

If you are the who rescued the puppy, then tell the story of walking into your home for the first time. What were you thinking? Who else lives in your house who need to meet the little guy? What name did you give him and why? What does he look like, and what do you hope to do with him as you grow up together? What does he say to you when you two are alone? When was the first time you realized he was talking to you?

Every thing that happens can be a story. As you go through you day, watch what happens around you and to you. Make notes. Think though the details, and at the end of the day, write a story about something special that happened that day.

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