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Diggin’ the Details

Rescue Writing was honored to sit down with ABC journalist and author Byron Pitts to talk about writing tips and secrets. Byron’s tips are part of our collection of learning videos, a resource for teachers and parents to ignite the passion for writing in their children and students.

In this video, Byron discusses the importance of detail in a story. Details help the reader see the scene in a story as well as hear it and feel it. When used correctly details will transform a good story into a great one.

Author Roy Peter Clark discusses the importance of detail in his book Writing Tools saying, “Dig for the concrete and specific, details that appeal to the senses. When details of character and setting appeal to the senses, they create an experience for the reader that leads to understanding.”

Stories filled with proper details make more impact on memory and bring the writing to life.   In Roy’s article “Why we write stories” he says, “The purpose of a story is to enrich your experience. A story doesn’t POINT you there, it PUTS you there. In a sense, a story is a form of transportation. It lifts you from where you are reading and carries you to another time and another place.”


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