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Halloween is Brewing with Fun

If you love celebrating Halloween then share some history with your child or class about it! It’s important to educate children on the history and traditions of holidays they celebrate so as they get older they understand the world in which they live. TIME for Kids has a great article explaining the origins of costumes, jack-o-lanterns, haunted houses, trick or treating, etc. It’s a wonderful read for the classroom or home!

As children learn, the opportunity to “get creative” presents itself! Some festive activities include Halloween writing prompts, Halloween roll-a-story, listening to a spooky short story, reading a scary story, investigating and writing about a crime scene, designing a monster, making a homemade costume for your pet, visiting a local Halloween pet event, and baking tasty Halloween treats for your pet (don’t forget to review the safety tips to keep your pet happy and healthy on Halloween!)

Happy Halloween!



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