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Expanding an Idea into a Story

Cat03-Sleep_900x900The first time we write a story, or describe something to another person with words, it is often challenging. Children tend to use simple ideas when they begin to write.

  • “I got up.”
  • “She is singing.”
  • “My fish is slimy.”

Each of these one-liners is the start of something magical – the exploration into imagination. Regardless of where they start, it is the first step. The next step is to ask questions, and encourage them to expand their idea.

“I got up.”

  • Did you get up earlier or later than normal? Where you excited about the new day? What plans do you have for the afternoon? Who will you see, where will you go? What new thing will you learn today?

“She is singing.”

  • Who is she? Why is she singing? Do you like the song? Why or why not? Do you want to sing along? Is music important to you? What song do you wish you were singing and why?

“My fish is slimy.”

  • Where did you find the fish? Is it a magical fish? If so, what type of magic powers does it have? Describe the color and size of the fish. Does it usually live in the ocean or the lake? Which would you prefer if you were a fish?

Cat03-Sleep_900x900See? Every idea can be explored and can take some unexpected turns – and go from a boring idea to a very funny or informative story. By asking questions, and encouraging the young writer to think more about his or her idea, the better the story, and the happier the student!




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