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Creating Imaginary Friends or Characters

Imaginary friends play an important role in a child’s life. If they don’t have an imaginary friend, they can create one in minutes.

And they don’t eat much.

Unless you want them to.

I love writing stories about my cat. In really, he is just a cat – a big, fluffy cat. He’s my buddy and constant companion, he loves sitting by my computer when I work and watch TV. He sleeps a lot, so I wonder if he also has imaginary friends in his dreams.

So now, this is a story about imaginary cats with imaginary friends. It’s fun to think about what a cat would say if he was human for five minutes of his life. Or, if I had five minutes of cat time, what would I say to him? Of course, I already think we communicate…and we do so perfectly, as long as I feed him.

But what if you had a turtle? Do turtles have personalities? Maybe we’d like to think they like exploring their little habitat, or maybe they dream of being a Ninja Turtle when they grow up and they practice their power moves a night when every one is asleep.

If you develop your imagination, you will have a constant companion – for life!

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