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Creating a Environment Where Writers Win

It’s more fun to do projects you know you can win. If you were painting a table, you would have certain supplies to insure you will be able to complete the task all at one time; it makes sense.

Writing is the same.

And writing in a classroom environment means each student should be equipped with tools to be able to complete their story – even if it is only the first draft.

As a teacher, you need to know each student’s personality and abilities – are they creative? Do they think “outside the box” or are they more structured – trying to get it “right”? Do they worry about details or are they “go with the flow” people? Each student needs to prepare in their own way – if they focus on details, then they need to have books or a computer available to check some facts. If they are creative and imaginative, then maybe some music in the background would inspire them further.

By letting children know in advance they are going to do a writing project about their favorite pet or animal, they can begin to learn a little more about the animal. They may want to bring in photos or do research in advance to learn more so they have more ideas from which to draw when. Starting a story, always starts with an idea – and then it’s easy.

Writing is a generous and delightful talent – and, as with most things, the more prepared you are, the more enjoyable the experience.

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