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The Words in Silence

Sometimes, the words are hidden in the silence.

Stories are not always what is spoken. Often, it is what is seen. When interviewing someone, of course, listen carefully to what they say – the words they choose. When writing their story, it is true the words are important. You also have to hear what they don’t say.

Tom French, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and expert in narrative writing says, “Watch and describe what you see.

“Especially, when you are witnessing history – nothing will be as profound as what you observe.”

Some people – and all animals – cannot speak. They have emotions and thoughts they express in different ways. Do they lean in when they talk? Why is that scar across his cheek? What music is playing in the house? What photos are on the wall, or on a nearby table? By describing their world carefully, you can say a lot about a person and provide a deeper understanding for your reader.

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