Rescue Writing

Focus your thoughts; focus your words.


Ashley loves animals, and wanted to write about so many of them. When she said down to write a story, she could not decide which one to write about.

Would it be a dog? Would it be a bird? Maybe a raccoon?

But if it’s a dog, then what breed ? Big or small? Long hair or short? And then, what does the dog do in the story?

She was confused and frustrated, so she didn’t write anything. She will start again tomorrow, after a long nap.

Sound familiar? This situation happens very often with writers, it happens to all of them at one time or another.

The solution is to FOCUS on your topic and do some research – the more you learn about your topic, the more interested you become in writing a story about and, if you find it interesting, so will your readers.

If you write a story about a Pug who once guarded the Queen of England, then you have a starting point and great focus, which will carry your story.

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