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Start Writing your Animal Stories by Thinking Like your Pet

Watching Pet

Pets make great subjects for stories. Especially your pet, who is the best pet in the world.

But…where and how do we start a story?

First, you need an idea…and maybe you should take a moment and follow your pet around the house or take him for a walk. What is he thinking about? Does he keep looking a your wondering what you’re thinking about? Does he stop and smell something? Does he want to run? Does he want to play?

Since you now have some ideas…think about your story. Add a big dose of imagination – the greatest tool in the world.

Maybe your dog wants to try our for a baseball team, that’s why he runs so much. Or maybe your cat wishes she could fly, that’s why she sits so high up all the time.

Try taking pictures of what they do, and catch them doing funny things. Sometimes, it’s funny just watching them sleep – like my cat who always covers his face when he naps.

If you practice thinking through the mind of your pet, you will laugh a lot…and have many fun stories to share with your friends.


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