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Writer’s Welfare

A successful way to challenge students to become more independent writers is to task yourself as a listener. Help students learn what ideas and things in and about their lives are special to them. Encourage them to make discoveries and connections with those things in their writing. Students who are always supplied with outside ideas…
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Animals Make Great Teachers!

Animals teach us compassion, responsibility and patience. Some of the best qualities in anyone! This is why Rescue Writing encourages students to write stories about their pets; we know animals make great teachers and children learn valuable lessons from them. For many children animals are their first “friend.” They learn to care for them, and…
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Diggin’ the Details

Rescue Writing was honored to sit down with ABC journalist and author Byron Pitts to talk about writing tips and secrets. Byron’s tips are part of our collection of learning videos, a resource for teachers and parents to ignite the passion for writing in their children and students. In this video, Byron discusses the importance…
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