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Start Writing your Animal Stories by Thinking Like your Pet

Pets make great subjects for stories. Especially your pet, who is the best pet in the world. But…where and how do we start a story? First, you need an idea…and maybe you should take a moment and follow your pet around the house or take him for a walk. What is he thinking about? Does …

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Writer’s Welfare

A successful way to challenge students to become more independent writers is to task yourself as a listener. Help students learn what ideas and things in and about their lives are special to them. Encourage them to make discoveries and connections with those things in their writing. Students who are always supplied with outside ideas …

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Talk for Thought

Talking propels reading and writing development. “It is through talk that children learn to follow and tell stories, understand logical sequences, recognize causes, anticipate consequences, explore options and consider motives… It is through talk that our children learn that their observations, hunches, and insights are interesting and worth developing. It is through talk that our …

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Teaching Media Literacy – Studying Junk Mail

By investigating junk mail, students learn to think about and question texts in ways that develop their analytical capacities and critical reading practices. Students work in small groups to investigate and sort junk mail into categories of their choice using a Venn diagram. They discuss the purpose of junk mail and compose a class definition. …

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Teaching Thankfulness

At the time Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, it is a good idea to pause to teach children how to EXPRESS thanks. The Today Show has many wonderful ideas for all ages, including these for elementary school-age children: 1. Hand-write thank-you’s. One sentence per grade is a good rule of thumb, and be sure to send them out promptly. …

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