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Holiday Giving

One of the Holiday trademarks is the idea of giving. We give gifts, time and love to those we are closest to and who need it most. The best way for children to give during the Holidays is by giving their writing to their parents, family and friends. As Peter Elbow, Professor of English Emeritus at …

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Writing Environments

“You can tell a good writing classroom by the presence of the child’s interests in the room.” This quote from Lucy Calkins book Lessons from a Child describes one of the features of a good writing environment. If the writing environment is arranged the right way children will be interested and want to write! Writing …

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Read, Write, SHARE!

“Human beings have a deep need to represent their experience through writing… we write because we want to understand our lives.” This quote from The Art of Teaching Writing by children’s literature expert Lucy Calkins describes how to empower children to write. Children write to understand their chaos, but it isn’t enough. They want to be …

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Diggin’ the Details

Rescue Writing was honored to sit down with ABC journalist and author Byron Pitts to talk about writing tips and secrets. Byron’s tips are part of our collection of learning videos, a resource for teachers and parents to ignite the passion for writing in their children and students. In this video, Byron discusses the importance …

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Who We Are

Rescue Writing is part of the Youth Empowerment Alliance, a global organization since 1999 committed to empowering children, by giving them a voice in their world. Rescue Writing is designed to ignite the passion for writing in kids by providing tools that allows their writing to be published in a keepsake storybook. Our website houses …

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