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Writing Stories with My Title I Kindergarten Class – Part Four

Rescue Writing considers it an honor to support teachers in their classrooms and parents of homeschoolers. When we started, we thought it would best be suited for third, fourth and fifth graders, since that was when students began to express themselves individually, or so we thought. As it turns out, even kindergarten students want to…
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Creating Imaginary Friends or Characters

Imaginary friends play an important role in a child’s life. If they don’t have an imaginary friend, they can create one in minutes. And they don’t eat much. Unless you want them to. I love writing stories about my cat. In really, he is just a cat – a big, fluffy cat. He’s my buddy…
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Holiday Giving

One of the Holiday trademarks is the idea of giving. We give gifts, time and love to those we are closest to and who need it most. The best way for children to give during the Holidays is by giving their writing to their parents, family and friends. As Peter Elbow, Professor of English Emeritus at…
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